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Take the Danao Plunge

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Not much was done on our 3rd day except to travel. We woke up at 5:30am because we were told that a jeep (or rather a minibus) passed directly in front of Cherry's which led all the way to Dao Terminal. From Dao Terminal we walked a short way to where the buses going to Danao were parked. They had a sign stating "Sagbayan". We waited until the bus was full and departed at around 8 or 9.

We arrived in Sagbayan at around 11am where nearly everyone got off except us and another group who was also going to E.A.T. Danao. We had to wait another 30 mins before the bus set off again.

We were dropped off in the middle of the road (I assume this was Poblacion) where several motorbikes (habal-habal) were waiting. We rented two motorbikes. Charles and me on one, then Lem and Ian on another. It took about 15 minutes to get to E.A.T. Danao. By then, it was almost 12pm.

We found our way to The Plunge and it was exactly what I had imagined. The ride was situated on the edge of a cliff and I could see the river down, down, down, down below. Sigh.

It took us (or rather me and Ian) a long time to gather our courage to go on with the Plunge. There was a group of girls ahead of us and as I watched them, I felt that if they could do it, I could too, although we saw one cry. lolz.
Anyway, I tried it headfirst and I was so surprised when I felt I was falling that I screamed. Hahahaha. It was really an experience.

We had a late lunch at their restaurant while we waited for our pictures and certificates to be printed. Then we requested the E.A.T. Danao personnel to call motorbikes to bring us to Tubigon.

Proud of my Certificate

At the Platform

Our motorbike driver was very lively and entertained Charles and me with stories of tourists he just couldn't forget. One was about a woman from Makati, who asked if she could drive his motorbike. Our driver was surprised but considered her request. He asked to see her license and when he checked, they both had the same rating. 1,2,3. She could even drive heavy vehicles. Lol! So he agreed to let her drive but the woman didn't immediately grab the handles. She got down and checked the motorbike from every angle. She even commented that our driver didn't oil it enough causing our driver to think "walang hiyang babae, to!". Lol. But she also said his motorbike looked good even if it wasn't branded. Then they were off. Our driver said that she drove like a madman, even faster than he, himself, went! Charles and I could attest that our driver already drove super fast so I could only imagine how that woman drove. She even had the gall to tell our driver "Yakap ka lang skin kuya ha." Lolz! Our driver was laughing when he told this story although he did feel embarassed that a woman showed him up. He said he was the talk of his comrades when he got back after the joyride and he was now the passenger of his own motorbike. It turned out the woman was really a professional driver who specialized in rugged terrain. Every time she visited bohol, she would text our driver and they would go on a joyride again.

We arrived at Tubigon just before 4pm but had to wait a while for Lem and Ian to arrive. (See how fast our driver went?) We got on the Starcraft 2 ferry which sailed promptly at 4pm and we were in Cebu at around 5pm.

We took a taxi to Sampaguita Suites. I wanted their matrimonial room because it was cheaper but all were occupied so we got two double rooms instead. We went to SM first because the guys wanted to withdraw and we didn't know where the ATMs were. Then we headed for Casa Verde and had Brian's babyback ribs for dinner. Super yum!


1. Not many people know of the Tubigon seaport. It's about an hour by motorbike from Danao and it has the cheapest ferry fares going to Cebu (only 200). It's also the fastest route to cebu because it only takes an hour.

2. Sampaguita Suites (the one near Robinsons) is walking distance to Casa Verde, however, I don't know if we were just unlucky but most of the people we asked including one taxi driver and the guard at Sampaguita didn't know where Casa Verde was. Luckily, we found another taxi driver who did.

3. Sampaguita Suites asks for 500.00 deposit which you can reimburse once you check out.

4. At the Plunge, be sure to try it head first!

5. If you want to contact our motorbike driver in Danao, here is his number 09129563849 - Ed.


Katz said...

Hello.. ^__^ You've got a very nice and informative blog!

May I ask if how many minutes is the travel time from EAT Danao to Tubigon Port?

Actualy, we will be coming from Tubigon going to EAT Danao. I'll try to contact your motorbike driver.

Thanks so much! :)

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