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Skywalk and the Balambam Liempo

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We set out at around 9am and took a taxi to Susing's Guitars. Charles had wanted to buy a guitar for the longest time and he already had a contact from Susing's via the Internet.

Ms. Criselda from Susing's was very hospitable and she even provided us with softdrinks and a tour of their workshop. We learned that their specialty is actually ukuleles and not guitars, and that students or photographers choose to take pictures from their workshop rather than Alegre's because they didn't charge for photos, unlike Alegre's.

Susing's workshop

We waited while the guitar Charles picked was re-stringed and the guitar case was cleaned and when all was done, we went to Sutukil for lunch.

Susing's Guitar
Our lunch in Sutukil was probably our most expensive lunch next to the Loboc buffet. We didn't budget what we ordered, I guess. We had scallops, camaron, tinola, gambas and sweet and sour lapu-lapu. A man played a huge harp for us and he was really good.

We made a short visit to Lapu Lapu's shrine for picture taking but we didn't stay long because it was so hot. We took a taxi back to Sampaguita Suites to drop off Charles' guitar and also to rest. We decided to start the city tour at around 3pm when it wasn't so hot.

Lapu Lapu Shrine

We visited Fort San Pedro first, where there was a wedding, or rather a photo-op for a wedding was taking place, then we walked to Magellan's Cross and next to Sto Nino church to visit their museum. After that, we didn't know where else to go so we just ate Halo-halo in Chowking. We decided to go to Taoist temple so we hailed a taxi but when we got there, it was already 5pm and therefore, the temple was closed.

We asked the taxi driver to take us to Ayala instead. There were a lot of people in Ayala because the mall was having a sale. We roamed around and when it got dark, we decided to go to Crown Regency Hotel to experience the Skywalk and Edge Coaster.

Edge Coaster
I didn't expect that there would be a lot of people at 7pm in the evening but there were. Well, it was a Saturday night, after all. There was a 12-yr-old kid who did the skywalk with us while his parents watched from inside the building. The Edge Coaster was something new at least but still, I wasn't really happy with the package because I didn't find it exciting, plus we already felt robbed because we had to pay 500 each for pictures alone. We had to buy a cd for our pictures for Php 950.00 and take note, the CD for Skywalk and Edge Coaster were SEPARATE. And the maximum number of pictures for each cd was only 20, not that we even REACHED that limit. I counted 19 pics for the skywalk and around 8 pics for Edge Coaster (one of which my eyes were closed). Talk about being overpriced. So we didn't really enjoy this experience.

Next, we headed to Larsian for dinner because I wanted to try the Balambam Liempo. When we got there, I didn't immediately see where the Balambam Liempo was because it was at the very corner of the place. But it was delicious and I  partnered it with salted egg and tomatoes. The rice here is called "puso" and is wrapped in coconut leaves. I consumed three. Lol. There are also no utensils so you have to eat with your fingers although plastic is provided. The meal was also very cheap.


1. The cheapest guitar in Susing's cost Php 2,500 and is made of Acacia. Charles' guitar was made from spruce and cost Php 5,500 including hardcase. He got a 500 discount from negotiating.

2. You can't bring your own camera for the Skywalk. In Edge Coaster, it's better if your companion can just take a photo of you from the sideline if you have a DSLR so you don't need to buy the CD. We didn't think of this before we bought the CD.

3. For the skywalk, if you're not wearing rubber shoes or sandals with straps, they will be provided for you, but you'll need to buy socks for 20.00 for hygiene.

4. Larsian is walking distance from Crown Regency, just ask the guards there.

5. Sampaguita Suites is also walking distance from both Larsian and Crown Regency.


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