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Danggit and Departure

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The first thing we did was go to Guadalupe because one taxi driver informed us that this was the place where there were cheap dried mangoes. However, we couldn't find the exact store. So we went to Taboan instead to buy dried pusit. This was also the place to buy danggit and dried mangoes. Dried pusit costs Php 130 for 1/4 kilo while the 7D dried mangoes cost 50 pesos for 100 grams. Other brands of dried mangoes cost 3 for 100, 100 grams. I forgot how much the danggit costs because I didn't buy those.

We went back to the hotel and Charles and I bought a box from National Bookstore because we were going to check in our pasalubongs, or else the dried pusit will smell at the plane.

We checked out at 12pm from Sampaguita Suites and got our 500.00 back, then we headed to SM to pass the time. We deposited our stuff at the Traveler's Lounge for 50.00 (for all of us) because our flight was still at 5pm that afternoon. We were supposed to have lunch at CNT but because of the people and the hot atmosphere, we opted to eat at SM, instead. So, we had Angus beef pizza and buffalo wings from Shakey's.

We passed the time by watching Paranormal 2 and immediately after the movie, we returned to the Traveler's Lounge to get our bags and headed for the airport.

Pacquiao's fight with Margarito was showing in all the TV sets at the airport and we arrived just in time when Manny was declared the winner through unanimous decision. Lol.

1. CNT is walking distance from SM. From the Traveler's Lounge, enter SM through entrance 5 (near goldilocks), exit through entrance 4 (near McDonald's) and you should see CNT across the street to your left.


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