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Bohol Countryside Tour

Best Blogger Tips

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Cebu-Bohol Itinerary
Cebu-Bohol Expenses

Once again, I'd like to thank Kuya Tatsky, Ate Kathy and Kuya Ryan for making our trip hassle-free. Kuya Tatsky, being famous in Pinoy Exchange, arranged our car rental for the whole day and Kuya Ryan was our driver. He was courteous, willing to answer all our questions and gave us tips about the places we visited. Ate Kathy arranged our stay at Cherry's Home Too.

At first, Ate Kathy told us that Cherry's charged 1500 pero night good for 2, then extra person is 300 each. Since we were 4, that would be 2100 total. However, when we got there, they said that only one extra bed could fit in the 1500 room so we took the Quad room instead which costs 2500. We went a bit overbudget but it was really spacious and we really made use of their pool so I would still recommend the place. At the lobby, you can also use their free internet. Just take note that the beach is really a 5-minute walk away.

Quad Room: 1 double bed, 2 Twin, TV, CR, Sofa

Interior of Baclayon Church

Drawings at Hinagdanan Cave

Blood Compact Site

Buffet Lunch at Loboc


Prony the Python

Amusing sign at Loboc

Chocolate Hills
Mag-aso Falls
1. The cheapest peanut kisses is at Prony the Python. It's Php 7.50 each or Php 120.00 for a 16-pc pack.

2. The cheapest (quality) T-shirts is at the hanging bridge although the real cheapest (but not so good designs) is at Hinagdanan cave.

3. You can feed grubs to the Tarsiers and for twenty pesos, you can also hold an iguana or drape a snake around your shoulders for a photo shoot.

4. Mag-aso falls is really nice but we didn't swim because it was almost closing time and we didn't want to get the car wet.

5. At Loboc, we took the Riverwatch cruise which looked to be the most popular. Buffet isn't refilled but drinks are included. The cruise will stop beside a platform where locals would sing and dance for your entertainment.

6. At the Butterfly garden, you might want to try the Dragonfruit flavored Ice candy. Lol. My friend didn't like it though.

7. Kuya Tatsky's number (09157945556, 09127472737) Ate Kathy's number (09217299549

8. Many weeks after our trip, I found out that Mag-aso falls can be dangerous when it rains up in the mountatins. Flash floods rush down without warning. As far as I know, it has already claimed 2 lives in 30 seconds. Be careful when you visit this place.


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