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Dolphin Chasers and Flower Eaters

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Kuya Tatsky also arranged for our boat rental even though we only texted him the night before! He's really great! He arranged for our boatman, Kuya Vito, to meet us at Alona beach the next morning at 6am. Once again, he had a sign with my name on it. I'm getting used to this. Lol.
Cherry's Home Too

Our first stop was dolphin watching, or should I say chasing? Because once the dolphins surfaced, about a dozen other boats all raced to the spot. Unluckily, no dolphins appeared directly alongside our boat and we just videoed them from afar.

Next, we headed to Balicasag Island where we snorkeled. One thing I immediately noticed was that the fish in Balicasag were definitely more vibrantly colored than those we saw in Coron or in Boracay, or any other place I've been to for that matter. They were more species too and I  found a white/orange/black slug. Even the starfish was a brilliant blue. The corals were another matter, though. The seabed was much more covered in Coron.

While I was feeding Skyflakes to the fishes, a 10 inch eel-like fish which I think was a wrasse swam around my legs and I could feel it's soft body sometimes touching my skin. I thought it wanted the bread, too, but all of a sudden, it snapped a neon-green fish about a third of it's size and swam away with it's prize. I followed it and observed some other fish trying to steal his lunch. But he kept swimming although after a while, he also let go of his poor victim. It was too big for him to swallow whole anyway.

Blue Starfish
We had calamares, gambas and grilled pork for lunch in Balicasag and the guys bought some souvenirs. Then we headed for Virgin Island.

Here, we just walked around the island. Ian and I met a local who was picking seaweeds from the beach. He told us he was selling them for 25 pesos a kilo because they were going to be an ingredient for plastic. It was low tide when we arrived there so we mostly just explored what creatures were hiding among the seaweeds. The starfish here were colored orange with black bumps. I overheard one foreigner's comment that it looked "nasty". We tortured (not really) a sea urchin by breaking off it's spines and the man we met handed me what looked to be a different species of sea urchin because it wasn't black like the ones I was familiar with. It was sort of brown with pink tinged tips. It didn't hurt to hold it, too. We also saw things that looked like sea worms which the man said were "jellyfish". I doubt it, though.

Sea Urchin
 After the sea tour, we headed back to Cherry's to just enjoy their swimming pool. At around 3pm, we headed to Bohol Bee Farm which was about 20 minutes via tricycle.

I really liked the design of Bohol Bee Farm. For me, it looked like a cheery place. We headed for their restaurant because I wanted to try their famous Organic garden salad with flowers with honey-mustard dressing. It was delicious! The guys had seafood pasta and beef sandwich. The food here was great and everything had honey, even our iced tea.

Organic Salad
We availed of their tour and our guide explained about each area of the place. The highlight, of course, were the bee hives. The guide explained the life cycle of the bees and pointed out the queen, then we each had the chance to hold the wooden board with bees for a picture.

That's the queen right in the middle
After the tour, we tried their ice cream and it was really delicious. Even the cones were home made. We also bought a jar of honey and some honey spread.


1. We availed of a small bangka to take us snorkeling in Balicasag but you don't really need this. It was expensive for 150/person when the beach was like only waist-deep.

2. Have some fresh sea urchins in Virgin Island for 20 pesos and do the Fear factor thing. Lol. I tried it. Tasted like green mangoes or maybe it was because of the vinegar.

3. In BBF, try their Malunggay-flavored Ice cream. It's delicious!

4. There are two kinds of honey sold in BBF, the Coconut and Molave (P220/bottle). We bought the Molave but it's your choice. You might also like the honey spread (120 small bottle/ 220 big bottle).


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