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A Very Helpful Boatman

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On our first night in El Nido, we were informed by Clin (09482604177) (our soon-to-be boatman) that we would be staying at the resort beside Hadefe's. One of their guests got sick and extended their stay so our room was still occupied. We would transfer rooms in the early morning.

We took a long walk going to our resort. Maybe 10 to 15 minutes. Note that although Hadefe's is a beach front resort, the shore is rocky and it's not advisable to swim. Because it was raining, the path in front of the cemetery (yes, you will pass by a cemetery going to Hadefe's) was flooded. We had no choice but to wade through the ankle-deep flood water. Good thing we only had to do this once because the water dried up on the succeeding days.

Throughout the rather disappointing first impression, Clin was instrumental in helping us get through the first evening. When he learned that the resort we were staying in did not have most of the food written on their menu, he volunteered to take us on his motorcycle and bring us to a good restaurant. There were four of us but he was still willing to take two passengers first then return to fetch the others.

Clin took us to Seaslugs and we ended up ordering dinner. The owner agreed to deliver the food to our resort because Clin knew him and because Seaslugs was already full. And also because the resort we were staying in was a branch of theirs.

We were very grateful for Clin's help that night. He told us that our island hopping would start at 9 am in the morning.


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