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Spelunking at Ugong Rock

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Ugong Rock was just an hour's away from the Underground River, making it an ideal destination to include in one's itinerary. They offered rappelling, spelunking, and zip line. We chose to try spelunking for Php 200.

The name Ugong Rock came from the sound the limestone makes when one strikes it with a open palm. It produces a hollow, gong-like sound.

It took around 15 to 20 minutes for us to navigate the cave until we reached Ugong Rock's peak. The climb wasn't too hard. The most challenging part was the 7-step vertical climb using nylon ropes tied in knots.

At the summit, we were treated with a majestic view of the surrounding mountains. To get down, we had two options: either go down the way we came, or take the zip line. My three friends chose the first option while I, feeling lazy, took the zip line (Php 250).

So I was down in 20 seconds and waited for the others to join me before we all rode for El Nido.

The drive lasted for almost 6 hours along a long and winding road. Some areas were rough roads but most were paved.

At one point, we stopped to admire the truly wonderful sunset before making our way again. We arrived at El Nido at 8 pm and had dinner at Seaslugs (highly recommended).


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