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Puerto Princesa Delicacies

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Alright so I decided to make a separate entry for the delicacies in Puerto Princesa. I've always researched what are the must-try foods in all the places I visit but I seldom give emphasis on them in my blog posts. So for once, let me do.

Fresh Tamilok with Vinegar
Of course, the most famous (and the most dreaded) specialty found only in Puerto Princesa, is the tamilok. We'd been in Coron and there's no tamilok there.

The tamilok (woodworm) is a long whitish worm-like creature found on mangrove trees. They are dipped in vinegar before being eaten and they taste like oysters. Since I don't like oysters, I didn't care for the tamilok either.

For the less adventurous, one can try the breaded tamilok in Kinabuch's Bar and Restaurant. We didn't try this because they ran out of tamilok, and even then, I wanted the classic serving. In Kinabuch's, it costs Php 135 for a serving of tamilok. It's cheaper to try in Sabang Port (near Underground River). Vendors offer it for Php 100.

The next interesting specialty in Puerto Princesa is the crocodile sisig. This, we found to be delicious, and only slightly different from the usual pork, chicken or bangus sisig.

And finally, I've heard the hopia found in Baker's Hill are the must-buy pasalubong. Unfortunately, we didn't get to try this because we ran out of time to do the city tour. So if the hopia are really as good as I've heard, let me know!


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