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Saving Pawikans and Guimaras Mangoes

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Saving Pawikans and Guimaras Mangoes

A must-see stop for every Guimaras visitor is the Pawikan Sactuary in Barangay Lawi, Jordan, Guimaras. The aim of the sanctuary is to preserve sea turtles, locally known as pawikan, that nest on the beach area of Barangay Lawi.

Pawikan Feeding and Caring Station

They keep the pawikan in a small, floating cage, where viewers can see them and even touch them. After a few months or years, the sea turtles are set free in the ocean. Donations are accepted from visitors for the maintenance of the place.

On our visit, we saw a pawikan with a chipped shell that the sanctuary caretakers had recently rescued.

How to Get There

The place is easily accessible by boat and is one of the main destinations while island hopping from Alubihod Beach. In our case, we got there by land since we rented a multicab for our Guimaras tour. It took us roughly an hour from Alubihod to get to Lawi by land.

You can hold and view a pawikan up close
A pawikan with a cracked shell that was rescued

Bright-colored pawikan

Sometimes, colorful and interesting marine life are also trapped in the floating cage together with the sea turtles. I got to hold a funny-looking boxfish in the palm my hand that never stopped flicking its fins and tail at high speed. It was so cute!

hyperactive boxfish
 After the visit to the Pawikan Sanctuary, it was nearly time to return to Iloilo but before that, we had to stop by the GTIC showroom to buy more souvenirs. If you missed buying something at the Trappist Monastery, the GTIC showroom also sells their products at exactly the same price. They sell Guimaras shirts, island keychains and other preserved sweets.

Guimaras fruit stand

Haggle for you mangoes!

And of course, never leave Guimaras without buying their mangoes! Make sure to haggle. We got our mangoes for P70 a kilo, whereas if you buy in Iloilo, it's P90 a kilo.


Anonymous said...

Nice post! I would really love to see a pawikan so I think Guimaras is a must visit place for me. I'm glad they rescued the turtle who had a damaged shell. Thanks for sharing this!

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