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Relax and Unwind at Raymen Beach Resort, Alubihod, Guimaras

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The most famous beach in Guimaras is probably the Raymen Beach Resort. This was where we stayed on my first visit to the island a two years ago. It is also the largest resort in Alubihod.

However, when we got there, I noted that there was a big difference in the number of visitors. The place was full of people. I was really surprised because only a handful were there when I last visited, and that was in summertime, too.

Entrance to Raymen Beach Resort

Trinkets now on sale by the shore

The place looked more commercialized, too. There were now vendors selling trinkets along the beach, like in Boracay.

The shore in Alubihod is one of the shortest beaches I've seen, and bounded by huge rocks on either side. The waters can also be very deep after just a few meters that's why they put a boundary using floating coconuts to keep people from straying too far. Though small compared to other beaches, the view is still quite picturesque with white sand and clear blue skies.

The picture on the left was taken on my 2009 trip while the one on the right was taken this 2011. It's still the same spot.

Rocks on either side of the beach

Interesting rock layers

Island hopping in Alubihod is cheap at P400 for the first hour and Php150 for each succeeding hour. We didn't island hop because of lack of time but let me include some pictures from 2009 when I did.

Ave Maria Island


Corals sighted while snorkeling
The sites you can visit are Ave Maria Island, a limestone cave big enough for the boat to enter, snorkeling area, and a Pawikan (Sea Turtle) Rescue Center. I'll talk more about the pawikans when we get to Lawi.

Raymen Beach Canteen

Raymen Beach resort also has a canteen where you and your friends can grab some lunch.


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