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Going to Guimaras and Trappist Monastery

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Going to Guimaras and Trappist Monastery
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One popular tourist destination in Iloilo is the island of Guimaras, famous for its panoramic beaches and export-quality mangoes.

How to Get There

The island is pretty accessible. As I mentioned in my previous post, right after we visited Miag-ao Church, we went straight to the Supermarket (locally called "Super").From there, we took a P10 tricycle ride to Ortiz Port. It only takes 15 minutes by boat from Ortiz Port to Jordan Port in Guimaras.

If you come from Bacolod, another entry point is by the port in Pulupandan.

Having the boat all to ourselves

The boat ride costs P15 per person but if you are a big group pressed for time (like us), you can rent the whole boat for P450, one way.

One thing I learned upon arriving in Guimaras was not to haggle immediately after arriving even when a lot of people offered us tour rides. One negotiated P1300 for a half day tour for our group with the farthest destination being Alubihod. I later learned, after registering at the Provincial Tourism Office Outpost, that it would be cheaper if we let the tourism staff hire a multicab for us. If we had a pre-negotiated deal, they opted not to interfere.

Buying souvenirs at the Trappist Monastery
However, after finding out, I promptly asked another guy for his tour rate and I explained that the staff informed me that only P800 was the charge if the farthest destination was Alubihod. After negotiating again, we settled on P1100 for the multicab rent to visit the following destinations: Trappist Monastery, Alubihod Beach, Lawi, GTIC Pasalubong Center and the market, to buy mangoes.

Trappist Chapel

Make a Wish

Pray and reflect

Our first stop was the Trappist Monastery. On my first visit to Guimaras back in 2009, the souveneir shop was closed in the monastery so I was eager to buy sweets when we got there. They sell jellies (made from mangoes and guavas), tarts, jams, dried mangoes and pineapples, Guimaras mangoes, souveneir shirts, handicrafts and religious objects.

Chapel Interior


The whole place was very peaceful and quiet with lots of trees. A student retreat was underway when we were there. It is also possible to stay in the monastery if you want a retreat from the stresses of everyday life since they offer accommodations. The monastery in Guimaras is the only Trappist Monastery in the Philippines.

Don't forget to drop by their chapel. Pray and make a wish on your first visit.


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