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Shopping Galore at Sham Shui Po and Temple Street

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We had reserved an entire day for shopping and just walking along the main streets of Hong Kong. The night before, Tata already suggested we go to Sham Shui Po. To get there from Tung Chung, we got off at Lai King Station, and changed trains (to the red line).

Near Sham Shui Po is the Golden Computer Arcade. Diw was planning to buy an Xbox while I was really searching for an extra Canon battery for my digicam. However, I ended up buying a Sony PSP for around Php 9k (when converted) with 8GB memory card, instead. They accept credit cards, btw. Diw and I also bought external hard drives (320 GB) for around Php 3k back then.

We had lunch at McDonald's and I can't really recall but I think this was also the day we went to Central to exchange for more HK$. There was a place in Central where all the Filipinos gathered and you can buy Philippine products, even smart/globe load! That's where we exchanged our money because they had higher rates. It was a long time before we found it though. We got lost and backtracked a few times but finally found the Frankie Exchange Co. in the Worldwide House (1F, Shop 144). I think we made a mistake because we changed our peso to US$ first in the Philippines, then changed US$ to HK$ when we got here. Only when we got back did we learn that double conversion was a bad idea so learn from our mistakes.

We did more shopping along the street. I think what we passed was Temple Street and that was where we bought our Hong Kong T-shirts. HK$100 for 3 shirts. Good souvenirs to bring back home.

That evening, Rona was going to go with Tata to watch a concert so Diw and I went to go exploring (and more shopping) on our own.

I can't exactly remember where we went, just that we went shopping for clothes along the shops on street. I bought a new beige sleeveless blouse and a green top for my mom.

No tours for today but we already had plenty of bags to carry!


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