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Party the Night Away in Lan Kwai Fong

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We woke up rather late the next day because we were so tired after a whole day of touring the day before.

We tried to follow Melody's instructions about the noodle bowl in the Grand Emperor but somehow, we couldn't find it and we ended up ordering desert of some kind. I couldn't eat mine because frankly, I wasn't really into Chinese food and I didn't know what I was eating. We finally found out we were at the wrong floor. Lol. We were a bunch of idiots for not being able to follow simple directions but it added to the fun.

There was one other tourist spot we hadn't visited yet, the Ama Temple, but we decided to just go back to Hong Kong that morning instead and do some last minute shopping or touring.

So we went back to the ferry terminal (for the last time!) and (surprise) saw Melody there again, looking for more tourists to guide. She smiled at us and wished us good luck back.

We arrived back in Hong Kong at around noon and we headed straight to Tata's flat to leave our things.

Then we decided to visit the Jumbo restaurant in Aberdeen. We got off at the Causeway Bay MTR station and took Bus number 72 to Aberdeen. The problem here was we didn't know if we were already in Aberdeen or not. Lol.

We passed by a harbor but we weren't sure if that was it so we didn't get off. When it was apparent that the bus was already going into a town away from the harbor, we decided to disembark and just walk back to where we saw the boats. Along the way, we passed by stores having a sale and I bought a couple of Giordano shirts on sale for my brother.

Jumbo Kingdom

When we finally got back to the harbor, I couldn't see the Jumbo restaurant anywhere so I looked around and spotted a kid. We asked him (in English) how to get to the Jumbo Restaurant and it seems he understood us but didn't know how to explain so in the end, he just signaled for us to follow him. So we did.

He took us to one edge of the harbor where there was a small boat and I guessed that that was where we had to get on. We thanked the kid and explained to the boatman where we wanted to go.

The boatman took us, not to the restaurant, but to the opposite end of the harbor, where we got off but now I could see that there was a sign that this was the waiting area for visitors of the Jumbo Restaurant. I can't remember if we paid the boatman or not, I vaguely remember it was free but I'm not sure. However, the real ferry to the Jumbo restaurant WAS free and we were joined by a few other tourists.

Jumbo Floating Restaurant

The restaurant could be seen clearly from our position but it was still several minutes before we got there. Beside it was the Tai Pak floating restaurant, also a member of the Jumbo Kingdom.

We explored a bit, going up a short flight of stairs, then entered the restaurant. Aside from one other Caucasian couple, we were the only customers at the time. The menu was quite expensive so we chose the cheapest dish there. That cost us about HK$ 40-50 each. It was afternoon anyway and dinner was still far off. What we had was noodle soup.

After the meal, we had our pictures taken at the Dragon Court. Since the Jumbo restaurant was designed as a Chinese Imperial palace, then the Dragon Court was the royal throne room.

After visiting the Jumbo restaurant, we returned to Central and decided that, since we had a little more time and nothing else to do, to go back to the Avenue of the Stars, this time to witness the Symphony of Lights which we had missed last time.

The second time around, we arrived on time but didn't expect the crowds. What we thought was an ideal location to view the show, well, wasn't. But we were still able to experience it.

I didn't know what to expect from the largest permanent light and sound show in the world but was pleasantly surprised when promptly at 8pm, the speakers along the avenue blared orchestra music and the lights from several buildings across the Victoria harbor flashed their laser lights and searchlights in time to the music. I couldn't capture it on my poor point-and-shoot camera but we didn't regret revisiting the Avenue for this show.

Margaritas anyone?
I thought our day was already at an end but Tata had a little surprise for us. She treated us to a night in Lan Kwai Fong, an area in Central district with lots of bars and restaurants. In short, it was the nightlife of Hong Kong. We went bar hopping and listened to Filipino (yes Filipino!) bands play popular songs. I think the bars we visited were Insomnia and Fong Underground.

The Fong Underground
So that was how we spent our last vacation day and the following day, we thanked Tata for her hospitality for putting up with us for a whole week. We returned our Octopus cards to get the HKD 50$ rebate and we spent all our remaining HK$ (which wasn't much) at the airport to buy breakfast. Oh, and we decided through a game (palms up, palms down) who would get the Disney umbrella. Guess who? Yep, me. Hehe.


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