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OPPO F1s: Capturing Philippines

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When it comes to travelling, every person is certainly different. Some people simply prefer to lounge around. Some don't want to plan, letting surprise experiences take over. Some need control over every minor detail and don't want to miss a thing. There are beach-lovers, mountain-climbers, shoppers, or just plain explorers.

I belong to the adventurous group. I want new experiences at every turn. I don't just want to swim in beaches, I also want to be exposed to the people, the food, the culture. I don't just want to trek or hike; I want to rappel down something.

And though I've been to many, many places in the Philippines, one of my absolute favorite destinations is Cagayan de Oro. Now this province certainly deserves its title as the adventure capital of the country.

Sunken Cemetary from a volcanic eruption

I mean, seriously, this province provides many unique opportunities and all doable within a week! Plus, you can also visit nearby Camiguin, Bukidnon and Iligan for even more adventures.

Visiting the Ostrich farm in Camiguin

Visiting Camiguin provides the opportunity to see the giant clam sanctuary native to the Philippines. It's a great place to learn about the natural wildlife of our country.

Baby clams that will can grow into 1-meter giants
 And when one decides to visit the Dahilayan Park in Bukidnon, the attractions they provide will keep your heart rate up. I definitely enjoyed riding the Luge and ATVs with my friends. The ATV trail was long and very scenic with lots of photo-ops stopovers.

The rollercoaster zipline was a new thing I hadn't experienced before but it was a little too slow for me. However, the "Superman" zipline, Asia's 1st longest zipline, was a very nice feeling.

They have some kid-friendly attractions like the mini golf course which we tried but mostly posed for photos than actually trying to get a hole in one.

Once the sun sets, the climate in Dahilayan turns refreshingly cool, quite a contrast to the usual hot weather in our country.

Rollercoaster zipline

Zipline in Dahilayan park

Riding the Luge

Satisfying ATV trail

However, my absolute favorite adventure was canyoneering in the Mapawa River. As the photos below show, we had to navigate the river with the help of a river guide, slide through rocks, jump 25 feet to the waiting pool below, and even rappel down 65-feet beside a waterfall.

This was the absolute highlight of the trip for me.

Of course, one can't mention Cagayan de Oro and not say anything about its famous white water rafting attraction! This is certainly one of the main draws of the province which I would be happy to do again.

OPPO F1s: Capturing Philippines

And since we have just entered 2017, why not celebrate the new year with a new phone? With a range of cool features, the Oppo F1s would make an excellent travel companion to take on your adventures.

I'm a girl. And though I don't really consider myself vain, I'd really prefer if I didn't look like a messed up walrus when taking selfies. And let's be honest, when we travel, the sun, wind and rain is a downright beauty hazard.

The Oppo F1s has Beautify 4.0, which would be an utter lifesaver for times when you're on the go and just living in the moment. I'd very much like to use this feature to its full advantage! Lol!


Jap Alto said...

Awesome! I love travelling too I need to experience also the Mapawa River with my co-workers.

clar said...

you are living the to go there too!!!

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