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Tappiyah Falls and Banaue Museum

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Taking the Ohayami Bus to Banaue
Experiencing the Rice Terraces
Tappiyah Falls and Banaue Museum

Banaue-Batad Itinerary
Banaue-Batad Expenses

The next day, we woke up to a beautiful Batad morning. It was slightly foggy after the rain the night before, but the rice terraces still looked spectacular.

The plan today was to hike to Tappiyah Falls, but unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, I felt sick and didn't go. I later found out the trek was hard, as described by my boyfriend. There were several places were they were almost hugging the edges of the mountainside.

Tappiyah Falls

They got back sometime before lunch time, when we had to wait again for the food (even though we already ordered before leaving).

When we prepared to take our leave to hike up back to the Saddle, an American tourist we met at the pension house asked if he could join us back to Banaue. Of course, we agreed. He asked what our professions were and when we said we were programmers, he later admitted that he knew we would be taking lots of breaks on the hike back up to Saddle, and was happy about it, to which we laughed.

Batad Pension House and Restaurant
We stopped at every single rest point. Lol. So it was almost 2:30pm by the time we reached the Saddle. Little did we know that we also had a lot of company going to Banaue.

Children of all ages came with us because they had school the next day. There were so many of them that we filled up the whole jeepney.

Another one hour trip and we were back in Banaue. We decided to visit the Banaue Museum near the Ohayami bus terminal. Around this time, we learned that Manny Pacquiao lost to Timothy Bradley from a text message. That was quite a surprise.

Info we gleaned from the Banaue Museum

Our last stop was to have lunch at the Banaue Hotel. This place was huge but empty, and kind of dark. I had the impression that I was roaming an old haunted mansion.

Menu from the Banaue Hotel
We shopped here for souvenirs. I bought a pair of cheap gold earrings in the standard Ifugao design.

Soon enough, it was time to head back to Ohayami to take the trip home.


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