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Unlocking the Secrets of Rizal Province

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As a city girl living in Pasig City, I have been to many of the popular sights and attractions in the Philippines. Though some leave a more lasting impression than others, still each has its own endearing charms. Nevertheless, had I not come across the "Ang Trip ni Rizal" website, I probably wouldn't have planned to tour Rizal Province, a place so close to home, yet overshadowed by many of the flashier tourist destinations.

I wouldn't have guessed that here was a place overflowing with potential, with its rich culture, exquisite art pieces, natural wonders and exotic cuisine.

Though I was certainly interested in all the package tours offered by Ang Trip ni Rizal, I was dead sure that what I wanted to experience the most was the Art Trip.

I'm sure the eco-nature trip, blessed trip, food trip, outdoor trip and historical-educational trip all have their merits but if you're going to visit the Arts Capital of the Philippines, then why not, at the very least, drop by and see some artwork? Let's not forget that Rizal Province is home to two National artists and houses every art form from antiques, contemporary paintings, pottery, sculptures, murals to mixed-media art.

My awareness of Rizal Province came at a time when I was also contemplating to visit the National Museum of the Philippines. I thought, "Hey, I've been to so many museums, even those from abroad, but I never once set foot in our very own National Museum." I was feeling ashamed of myself for my lack of patriotism. In my mind, the National Museum and Rizal province share several characteristics. They're both centers of art and they're also often overlooked as destinations.

So here I am, trying my best to win a contest so I can set foot in Rizal Province for the first time. Even just seeing pictures of the various artwork excites me. I hope many other Filipinos appreciate the works of our native artists and visit Rizal.

Official Entry to Ang Trip ni Rizal – Trip Ko ‘To! Blog contest


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