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The Cambodian National Museum

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From afar, the National museum looks big and eye catching, what with all the red walls amidst green trees.

Unfortunately, taking photos were also not allowed inside the museum unless you pay an additional fee, which we didn't.

The National Museum

The museum houses the usual religious sculptures of Hindu and Buddhist gods that we had seen all over Cambodia. So nothing really new here, except maybe that some items were clearly better preserved than what we had seen in the temples, considering that some of the carvings were taken from the temples, themselves.

A garden was right in the middle of the museum, It was rather pretty but since we couldn't take pictures, we didn't linger there.

After touring the museum, we were tired from all the walking so we just went back to our guest house. By this time, we could already move into our rooms, which was quite spacious and clean.

Since we needed to leave as early as we could for Ho Chi Minh the next day, I talked to the guest house staff and got us tickets for the Phnom Penh Sorya bus line at 6:45am for $11 each. They assured us that the bus would pick us up from the guest house.

When I asked where we could eat dinner at reasonable prices, the lady suggested we go to a place called No. 18,  near the night market. We were glad we followed her advice because the food was cheap and good.

We had a good night's rest that evening, a nice break from sleeping in the bus!


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