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Best of Anime 2011

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Just this Sunday, I went with a group of friends to SMX Convention Center to see the Best of Anime 2011, an event which is also part of the Manila Book Fair.

Elie from Rave Master
The Best of Anime 2011 was a 2-day event beginning Saturday, Sept 17. Sponsored by Prime Trade Asia, Inc, it was the second annual Anime Convention entitled "The Best of Anime" and was bigger this year with increased hall space and longer event duration.

The event featured anime cosplays, figure exhibits, origami tutorials, props making, japanese concerts, and many other cool games and activities.

Zabuza from Naruto

A unique addition was the wedding booth, simulating the wedding ceremonies in many online games like Ragnarok. The (unwilling) bride in a pink wig and pink dress was handcuffed to her groom and a "ceremony" was performed by one of the staff standing on the altar table. It was hilarious to watch.

Master Roshi

Zaraki Kenpachi. My favorite Captain!

Sailor Chibimoon

Of course, anime costumes, wigs and accessories were all on sale during the event. Wigs ranged from Php 150-450 depending on length.

A gundam making and design contest was also held. They all seem to be the Exia model from Gundam 00.

I found it perplexing not to recognize half of the anime characters cosplayed during the event. Lol. I'm getting left behind. But I was glad to see some new ones I hadn't seen cosplayed before like:

Erza Scarlet and Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail
Hirano from High Scool of the Dead
Bon Clay from One Piece
Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night
Master Roshi from Dragonball Z
Manny Pacquiao


Yes, someone cosplayed Manny. Lol. Unfortunately, Alodia didn't attend that day. And I think there were a lot less mecha cosplayers compared to other conventions I attended. Still, we had a great time photographing everyone.



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