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Fire Flowers in the Sky: 2nd International Pyromusical Competition

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Group deals are all the rage today and I was one of the lucky few who were able to buy VIP tickets to the 2nd International Pyromusical Competition from Groupon for only P300 instead of the regular P500.

Moreover, we watched on the last day of the show where Australia and Philippines were scheduled to perform. My expectations were quite high. Not only was this the finale, but Australia won first place last year.

Spectacular Fireworks Displays

We arrived at SM Mall of Asia at around 4:30pm even though the show was still at 7pm. Even then, the queue to the entrance was already long and navigating through the body of people seemed a phenomenal task.

We traded our printed Groupon coupons for VIP tickets and then we were off to the VIP section.

We chose a spot a little farther from the main stage but still overlooking the bay. We were only on the second row with a very nice vantage point for my tripod.


As usual, the show was late, the main event starting at around 8pm. The emcee called out the criteria for judging and the Australian National anthem was played.

And then, the magic began.

We were held spellbound by the shower of bright lights that painted the sky and reflected against the waters of Manila Bay.

Some took the shape of "smilies", others seemed to just hover, falling ever so slowly towards the ground. Still others were simply spectacular, a myriad of colors bursting in an instant.

smiley faces in the sky

The music also added to our enthusiasm. As the crescendo rose higher and higher, the fireworks exploded brighter and brighter.

The Australian performance ended magnificently. I was confused as to why the Philippines didn't perform right away but at length, we heard the emcee calling out the winners. It turned out that the Philippines wasn't included in the competition. Maybe we already won more than our fair share of pyrotechnic competitions. Lol.

Anyway, the winners announced were:

1st Place: China
2nd Place: United Kingdom
3rd Place: Japan

Then we all stood up for the Lupang Hinirang, after which I could now see the flashing "PHP" from across the bay. The countdown began but even before it reached one, all heads (including mine) simultaneouly turned as we heard fireworks going off behind us. The Philippines surely knew how to make an entrance!

looks like atomic models to me

I must say the Philippines outdid itself with fireworks coming every which way, in the water, on the flag poles, behind the audience... We didn't know what to watch!

I saw hearts in the sky, red-yellow-blue atoms(?) and violet faces that smiled in time with the lyrics:

"And when you SMILE, the whole world stops and stares for a while.."


People were ooohhhing and aaaahhhing and I couldn't help but grin with all the action going on around us. The Philippine exhibition was certainly the highlight of our night.

Needless to say, our evening ended with a bang. =P


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