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Camsur Watersports Complex

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The next day, Charles and I visited the St. Michael Parish Church just a few minutes walk from Rex Tourist Inn, just before we were to leave. It was made of red bricks and was quite a beautiful structure. It looked well maintained.

St. Michael Parish

We nearly missed the 9am boat back to Sabang port, mainly because the Rex Tourist Inn's multicab was away somewhere catering to the needs of their other guests. In the end, we hired tricycles to take us to the port.

We arrived just in time to see the boat casting off but luckily, the coastguard signaled for the boat to return so we could climb aboard. I was very happy about this because if we missed this boat, the next schedule was at 11am, a 2-hour wait.

We all realized that the sun was bright and shiny, the sea was calm, nothing at all like the weather the day before. Sigh.

From a distance, I could see Mayon unobscured by clouds but only for a short while. It went back to hiding all too soon.

At the Sabang port, we hired a van to take us to CWC, the Camsur Watersports Complex, where we had a reservation. However, we decided to make two stopovers: first to have lunch at Geewan, and second, to buy pili nuts to take back home. Geewan is a popular restaurant which served local Bicolano dishes. Charles and I had the ginataang pusit (squid in coconut milk), pinangat (taro leaves cooked in coconut milk) and kinunot. I don't know if this kinunot was also made from sting ray like the one we had in Coron. After the sumptuous lunch, we  had our driver take us to the market place for pili nuts. We bought the honeyed variety, mazapan de pili (crushed pili nuts shaped into flat rectangles) and yema from pili nuts.

CWC Wakeboarding area

 Then we finally headed for CWC. I must admit that I didn't try wakeboarding in CWC. I wasn't feeling well, my jaw was aching for some reason and after feeling faint at the Caramoan shrine yesterday, I had a slight fever when I woke up that morning. So I just relaxed and enjoyed exploring the complex. I liked our accommodation, the green trailer of Villa del Rey. It was small but cozy but mostly, it was unique.

Green Trailer

Interior of the Green Trailer

We watched the people, mostly foreigners, execute death-defying (not really) stunts while wake boarding and listened to a group of old men having a team building sing at the videoke.

We ordered bicolano pizza (higly recommended), siomai, sinigang and chicken for dinner and while waiting for the food to arrive, my friends swam at the nearby pool while Charles and I practiced taking night photos.

CWC at night

The clubhouse
I decided to get a massage service to our room but you can opt to have one at near the pool area at a slightly lesser rate. The next day, we took the CWC shuttle bus to the Naga airport where we would finally board the plane going home.


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