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Seeing as most of the posts in my previous blog leaned more on Philippine tours and travels, I decided to just make a separate travel blog just for these wanderings and clean them up a bit so they would serve as travel guides to any would-be visitors.

And then ta-da! AdventureScapes was born. We all know traveling is an adventure but for some people (like me), its a way to escape the mundane chores of everyday life and work. A respite, if you will. I never really know where or when my next trip will be but when I do, the anticipation for the upcoming adventure just takes hold of me. Sometimes, out of the blue, me and my friends just suddenly decide to go and visit a place and before you know it, we've already booked our flights. I get nervous when I realize I need to request for leave.. again. =P

When I visit a place, I don't want to miss anything so I try to plan the best itinerary I can and this often involves research. I have the usual questions every traveler asks: where, what to do, where to stay, how much, what to try, what to buy, what to bring home.

So in this travel blog, I hope to answer the questions of all the other travelers who have yet to visit the places I have been to. I will endeavor to put in useful information like expenses, how to get there, what we tried and other tips.

Happy trip!


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